Branston Tales

Almost Died, But no matter at the moment.

Today was a big mess. All over town we went and because of that I would like to list everyplace that we went today. And also everything that happened at said places

-New Arax Police facility. There we almost got arrested for having a key. Good thing it was just almost.

-The Tavern. One out of the 2 taverns in the city we met a guy who I can only describe as a Physical representation of the word “Jerk” which I will now call him by. Another person i was most annoyed with was the Innkeeper simply because of one reason. He gave away the key we needed to possibly keep the town ALIVE! More on this later book. Also we fought rats. And I did the most work.

-The Museum of Fine Arts. There we met Endrin Khrall we got a note from him in the morning and he sent gold so at the moment he is on the list to gift a silver coin one day. Maybe copper considering he had no information on the key he said we NEEDED! Eh whatever gold.

-The Library. We found out something about Miss. Raena it was something like this “Cold, Borrow, Cave, Bomb, Can, Brothers.” Or at least something of the sort. But more importantly we found that the librarian wears fake glasses! Oh and we found out the place where the key we found at the Tavern is used. But still fake glasses.

-The Circus. The key we found was used at the gate of this place. And inside we met……. Jeam Boulders A.K.A Someone who has the nerve to prank me! I know i prank a whole lot but then when someone pranks me! Ohoho you have unleased the beast! Or you would have if you didn’t have information we kind of need at the moment. BUT ONCE WE GET THAT INFORMATION! Ehh Ill get over it. Good Game Jeams Good Game indeed.

But now i need to talk about someone we met at the tavern or more accurately a guy I met at the tavern. Forgot his name but supposedly he protected me in that god forsaken slave town. And i thought my great looks and amazing smarts were what saved me. I had to give him a gold coin for this information.

Man it’s really a good thing no one can read this book. No one at all can read this. Nope. That would just be silly. -Log 3, Session 1, Page 4.



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