Branston Tales

And Argument. A Stupid one at that

Pah. Our “Sorcerer” Was acting up and crying over nothing! So what her parents are dead. Mine should be dead and you don’t see Me crying don’t you book? She is more insane than me if she cares that much about something that’s gone! I digress, The argument was about my greatness, And she denied that by refusing to hit me with a beam of healing. So sad, So very sad that was.She pulled a minor prank because i won a argument. I suppose that’s in order because she is the same age as me, but in this world there are no good guys. Just ones who have power! And that is something I’m going to have one day. You all hear a chuckle from Harvey as he closes his book and puts it away -log 2 Page 2 Session 0



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