Branston Tales


Hello paper i found. You are my friend for the next 2 logs because a few JERKS! (Almost every person we met at the town) Tried to send us back to the Fort. We’ll we managed to escape with the help of Jeam “Family to Raena” Boulders. Well that was the end of the day today let’s start at the very start shall we? We start off with a pirate party! Where Raena was doing magic to serve drinks, I was doing AMAZING MUSIC! With my flute that is now….. gone……. Possibly forever, AND REINWALD WAS DOING!!!! Nothing. Yep he just sat down had a milk and did nothing for the whole party. Amazing dude Isn’t he? Well that’s what happened before the guy who supposedly saved me tried to kill my friends and then tried to save them? I don’t know all the details. Then he died. I’m not really sure if that’s good or not. Wish you could tell me paper.- Log 5. Page Paper



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