Reinwald Appleton

A silent boy whose dream borderlines on fantasy...


“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.” – words of Murgan Thunderbringer, leader of The Spring Rebellion (4726 year, right before his execution)

Standing at slightly above average height for his age, Reinwald has unkept brown hair and black eyes. The young alchemist is usually wearing baggy leather pants with suspenders, belt that’s mostly filled with alchemical components and potions, and white unbuttoned shirt.

On his belt you can find numerous satchels full of explosives coming in all kinds and shapes. Dangerous? Maybe. But you won’t find an alchemist who’s not actively endangering themselves with their creations.

He’s a kind, compassionate spirit who mostly values freedom of choice, and will do everything in his power to live freely. He speaks a little slowly, pronouncing words very carefully. Even in moments of anger he often stays silent.

He’s prone to action when he sees someone being threatened, especially when someone restricts his actions. Althrough he can stop himself from doing something stupid over minor setbacks, sometimes he has no choice but to meet the problem head on. If he doesn’t do that, he’s very likely to be shaken after such experiences.

Faced with dangerous situations, he’s most likely to keep his cool and start planning his next actions.


“Alchemy is taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.” – The Great Elixir, an alchemical guide for younglings.

Reinwald was born as a slave in Fort L’Affaire in 4900 year. He was raised never knowing his parents, and from the moment he could stand he was incarnated into the role of potion tester for Master Alchemist Logus.

Althrough the potion brewing gnome was still a kinder man than some of the orphanage matrons, that doesn’t mean he was nice. Most of time he used young orphans for testing his products, thinking that young blood was more attuned to the effects of his potions. Only sheer luck saved Reinwald from the fate that awaited most of his companions.

At the age of seven, the boy was graduated from tester to personal helper of Master Logus, due to deteriorating health of old gnome. That started his journey into realms of magical potions, breathtaking discoveries and painful explosions.

The young alchemist was always fascinated by explosives of all kinds. He expressed that bombs were a very particular form of a single concept – freedom. When it explodes, there’s nothing that can stop it or restrict it’s power.

That fascination lead him on path of making his dream come true – to free all the opressed people in the world. Young, old, of other race – it doesn’t matter to him. His ambition can be seen as somewhat naive, impossible or stupid – but he never stops doing necessary steps to make his dream come true.

His apprenticeship lasted five years, durning which he learned many things. But Master Logus age has finally caught up with him – he died in his sleep, before Reinwald could master the secrets of potion brewing.

On his fifteenth birthday, with help of a strange man calling himself Lothadus, young alchemist managed to escape Fort L’Affaire with a group of other young slaves.

Unfortunately, one of the less talkative boys disappeared on 13th night of the escape. When facing a threat of staying and looking for the boy, the group decided to move on. Of course, not without some words from Lothadus, whom Reinwald considers one of his friends.

But his journey into this harsh, unforgiving world is just beginning – because what came after was a whole different story…

Reinwald Appleton

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