Harvey Feighh

The Bard and funny jerk of this fair story


Backstory: Harvey, Was not a very nice boy. Elders he did not respect, Pranks he did, And Most of them involved his fathers pants falling. This was not a very good thing with his parents. For they were as strict as one can be in this world. So on his 13th birthday, Harvey slipped down his last pair of pants and was kicked out for his most inexcusable behavior to his dear parents, He was sold as a slave, A simple slave. He cursed his parents then proceeded to curse out loud.

To himself he was an orphan. He knew no parents anymore. He hated being at that god forsaken orphanage, Or as he called it “The Hell For The Devil” But then there was a light in the darkness, One that said to him “Free meals and adventure” That light was called Lothadus the Assassin. He saved him from that place and as a reward Harvey played him a tune on a flute about his bravery. Before he started practicing the flute that is. After he was finished with his Horrible Sonata, He then told him how worth it and important it was to collect pirate hooks with out the smallest bit of sarcasm (Secret:That was a lie shhhhh)

He did not know much about him. But then again he did not care, He was getting him out of here and all he knew is that he was getting paid. And he was getting out.

The trip to another city after escape took 3 weeks and he was in the slightly less dirty city of Branston. The escape party went mostly unharmed, Other than 1 child who went missing on the 13th day of the escape. But Harvey did not notice because he didn’t talk, And Harvey Didn’t know his name or anything about him really. This is where his adventure started.


Personality: He is not a very good person to trust with anything, And he very much knows it. But that wont stop him from suckering you to tell him things about your life because he is a very curious little fellow and a persistent one at that, Not just anything can make him give up! “No way no how!” Almost nothing can stop this little person! Aside from the promise of riches. But really who doesn’t stop for gold? Honestly! Back on topic this little man is also one that you cannot out insult. No matter what you say he will find a way to get payback or just turn it back on you, And you should hope its the ladder, For our sake and his time.

If you have something shiny for him. You don’t have it anymore, He is a greedy little bug and he will try anything in his power for anything shiny. And do anything in his power to keep them. But there is one way to get his items from him. He is still a person and if you are someone that has endured more than 10 of his pranks, Well you get a pity reward! 1 copper coin. A silver one if you are someone he likes. Which rarely happens for some reason.

Fears: Having to go back home with his parents, Fort L’Affaire (A.K.A The Hell for Satan), Being caught for a prank (Only if it was a major one), And insects

Goals:One day to own a group of his own, One where he can be top dog and the biggest baddie round town all around! (Player Goal: Play oh danny boy at someones funeral and notice’s Armon Sarron in the crowd, Will never happen, Ever, EVER! Winks to DM)

Birthday:July, 7th, 4902

Harvey Feighh

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