Raena Felgrond

Your Friendly Neighborhood Necroma- SORCERER!


Raena is a small woman standing at 4’8". She’s generally kind and caring, wanting to help everyone she can, unless they are truly evil and vile people. She doesn’t handle rejection all that well, she really wants to be accepted by others. Raena uses her powers liberally, ignoring those who attempt to dissuade or hate magic. If a fight starts she tries her best to stop her opponent from attacking, but if that doesn’t work, she will fight herself or with her minions. She carries with her a bastard sword that she rarely uses due it being one of the few things her family left for her. If she isn’t doing anything important she is normally off painting when she can – it’s her hobby that keeps her in a good mood and it’s the one thing that she’s proud of!


Raena was born 4902 on the 30th of September, and was for a few years was living a good life, that was until her parents died due to an unknown illness while she was 3. She was being told that she was being brought to an Orphanage just out of town but that was a lie… It was a slavery house and she was being taught how to work and the consequences at a young age. Everything that was supposed to be hers instead went to her “home”,Fort L’Affaire, with her most important one being the one last thing that was special to her family, The Family’s Bastard Sword,being hung on a wall. She was sent off to be taught how to be an artist which sounded great to her at the time changed,She was constantly being ridiculed and abused by her master whose name she’s forgotten and sent off with no food if she made any mistakes. This and the rumors of some of the friends she had deaths drove her mad she kept painting even when she wasn’t forced to to keep her mind of off the awful things that kept going on around her.

This kept going on for years until she was 10, That was the day she “awakened” to her magical power,She felt so happy and walked around flaunting it about it made her feel good and powerful like she had some amount of control in her life. This did not please her Master but she was moved to another training area for mages which only made things harder for her,Trying to master spells and stuff without even knowing half the things that she was told to do. The only thing that her master liked about her was the fact she could remember spells without even a spellbook like the rest of her classmates. Unfortunately she wasn’t one of the best students in class and often,like some of the other poor students, got tested upon by her fellow classmates because of the master’s word or their own sick desires and due to this she wasn’t always the most healthy of them but she was at least strong enough to endure it and survive. One day she even surprised her master with a spell she just came up with that launched a brilliant golden ray at the person…But it healed them,When she was asked how she did it she didn’t know it just came to her like some of the rest of her spells.

One day she saw someone she didn’t know creeping through the halls during the night, She asked who the man was and was hushed and given a letter. According to the Letter the man’s name was Lothadus. He was someone who planned on breaking some of the kids out and that she was now one of them. The plan was on the 4th Night of the 2nd week, roughly 2 days from now, he was going to break her and a few other kids out and in order to ensure this mark your “room” with a sign. The next day she did that and marked her room’s door with a Black Rose and managed to convince her Master that it was to brush up on her painting skills so that when she needs to draw a magical circle that she was prepared.

The next night Lothadus came in and rounded up her and a few other kids and left the fort with us. On the way out, Raena convinced Lothadus to get her family’s Bastard Sword before they left. Lothadus said that we were on a journey to the city of Branston 3 weeks away so that maybe we can live a new normal life but on the 13th night of the journey one of the non-talkative kids vanished without a trace despite pleas from another kid,Reinwald, to stay and find him we pressed onward. During the journey Raena began practicing with her sword she she thought she got pretty good with it too along with the brushing up on the awful spells she was taught in case she was forced to use them. Currently Raena is with the other kids just inside Branston waiting to see what happens next.

Raena Felgrond

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