Branston Tales


Hello paper i found. You are my friend for the next 2 logs because a few JERKS! (Almost every person we met at the town) Tried to send us back to the Fort. We’ll we managed to escape with the help of Jeam “Family to Raena” Boulders. Well that was the end of the day today let’s start at the very start shall we? We start off with a pirate party! Where Raena was doing magic to serve drinks, I was doing AMAZING MUSIC! With my flute that is now….. gone……. Possibly forever, AND REINWALD WAS DOING!!!! Nothing. Yep he just sat down had a milk and did nothing for the whole party. Amazing dude Isn’t he? Well that’s what happened before the guy who supposedly saved me tried to kill my friends and then tried to save them? I don’t know all the details. Then he died. I’m not really sure if that’s good or not. Wish you could tell me paper.- Log 5. Page Paper

A friend is found at the theater!

I went there without anything playing. Truth be told I should have gone on Wednesday because that’s where they were going to play a puppet show of “Branston Tales” Whatever that is, Must be a tradition round here or something.

But there was a really good thing that happened today! I met a guy there named Devontius. Makes you wonder if that really is his name considering how uncommon it is but that was of no matter! Because he had a special thing that we had a lot of fun with. He had the keys to the prop room, He said he snatched it from a janitor of this place (Which I don’t really believe because of how dirty this place is)

We had so much fun! We pretended that we could do spells(Which i really could do)! Go on mighty adventures! Save the princess and then slay her because she was the VILLAIN ALL ALONG! Wooo what about that, I’m sure no one has ever thought of that twist.

Man if only that adventure was real. Welp time to go back to my friends and have a real adventure full of danger. But even more filled with glory! Yawn

(The next page shows a picture of Harvey and Devontius fighting with wooden swords. You can tell Devontius is winning the play battle)

Almost Died, But no matter at the moment.

Today was a big mess. All over town we went and because of that I would like to list everyplace that we went today. And also everything that happened at said places

-New Arax Police facility. There we almost got arrested for having a key. Good thing it was just almost.

-The Tavern. One out of the 2 taverns in the city we met a guy who I can only describe as a Physical representation of the word “Jerk” which I will now call him by. Another person i was most annoyed with was the Innkeeper simply because of one reason. He gave away the key we needed to possibly keep the town ALIVE! More on this later book. Also we fought rats. And I did the most work.

-The Museum of Fine Arts. There we met Endrin Khrall we got a note from him in the morning and he sent gold so at the moment he is on the list to gift a silver coin one day. Maybe copper considering he had no information on the key he said we NEEDED! Eh whatever gold.

-The Library. We found out something about Miss. Raena it was something like this “Cold, Borrow, Cave, Bomb, Can, Brothers.” Or at least something of the sort. But more importantly we found that the librarian wears fake glasses! Oh and we found out the place where the key we found at the Tavern is used. But still fake glasses.

-The Circus. The key we found was used at the gate of this place. And inside we met……. Jeam Boulders A.K.A Someone who has the nerve to prank me! I know i prank a whole lot but then when someone pranks me! Ohoho you have unleased the beast! Or you would have if you didn’t have information we kind of need at the moment. BUT ONCE WE GET THAT INFORMATION! Ehh Ill get over it. Good Game Jeams Good Game indeed.

But now i need to talk about someone we met at the tavern or more accurately a guy I met at the tavern. Forgot his name but supposedly he protected me in that god forsaken slave town. And i thought my great looks and amazing smarts were what saved me. I had to give him a gold coin for this information.

Man it’s really a good thing no one can read this book. No one at all can read this. Nope. That would just be silly. -Log 3, Session 1, Page 4.

And Argument. A Stupid one at that

Pah. Our “Sorcerer” Was acting up and crying over nothing! So what her parents are dead. Mine should be dead and you don’t see Me crying don’t you book? She is more insane than me if she cares that much about something that’s gone! I digress, The argument was about my greatness, And she denied that by refusing to hit me with a beam of healing. So sad, So very sad that was.She pulled a minor prank because i won a argument. I suppose that’s in order because she is the same age as me, but in this world there are no good guys. Just ones who have power! And that is something I’m going to have one day. You all hear a chuckle from Harvey as he closes his book and puts it away -log 2 Page 2 Session 0

The start of the logs

“Hey its me Harvey, I do wonder why I talk to objects. Anyway I found this book at a stump while we were walking to Branston. I have not told anyone about this yet, Mostly because i will put some personal stuff in here but today the strangest thing happened, One of our escape group members went missing somehow. Sure i don’t know his name or anything of the sort but it was very strange non the less. Ehh whatever! If were lucky that “Summoner” Might go away so i can prove my magic was better! -Log 1 Page 1

The letter from the museum owner...

In the colonial city of Branston, if you don’t play by the rules, chances are – you’re coming home with your legs broken. Strict police force, to which the most of our tax pieces go, never lets their guard down. If you’re looking to earn money for a good business, you need to either have worked for the city’s police force for at least ten years, or have a good relationship with the chief.
You’re still in your younger days – the mayor, Sir Tiblog, respects younger kin of his city. Violence against little ones holds higher punishments than murder. It used to, at least, until the new Head of Government Security, Braxton re’Strax, proposed a set of new laws to ‘equalize’ kids with adults, after two teenagers broke into the city’s treasury and stole all they could gather, and got away with it without punishment. You’d consider that normal, lads, but the treasury runs the city. It feeds us, builds roads for us, brings construction resources to us, keeps us warm.
Now, the kids and teenagers, who are weak, are subject to being beaten up or abused in any other form. We used to call this place a “population surge”. Now it’s no more than a population butchery. Forgive me for my crude language, I know you’re too young to read about all this, but considering that you’ve come to this town all armed and sweaty, word quickly spread out that you’ve escaped from an orphanage in a neighbouring city and made your way here through the traps of dangerous monsters of this still dangerous colonial continent.
I am Endrin Khrall, the owner of my father’s Branston Museum of Fine Arts. I ask you to take the matter into your hands and save the younger generation from disappearing, before the war enrages and leaves only the city’s ashes, because only if we’re united – we can defeat our common enemy.

- Endrin Khrall, a letter sent with a pouch bag containing 500 gold pieces.


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