Toto Opegah

Vengeance, Paranoia and a thirst for power


One night, Toto remembers being rushed awake by his mother, telling him to stay quiet while gathering some things, the last few weeks seemed strange to him – his parents were arguing a lot, and seemed to be distraught over something. They left their humble home and had been on the road for days sleeping in various woods and vacant buildings, Toto young but not dumb knew they were running from something but as to what that was he had no clue. His parents, when asked, would exchange glances and told him to stay quiet and not to worry…

Then, another night, he awoke to strange noises, and then his eyes came too. He seen men holding down his mother and facing her to his father who laid on the ground being beaten. Toto yelled at the men to stop. The men that were beating his father stopped and surprised at the sound, turned towards Toto. They walked over to him with gruff voices and said “What do we have here..”, another man then said in a scraggly voice “More money me thinks, Logos, the masters will be pleased… Hehe.” Before he knew it, one of the men raised his hand against him and he felt something hard hit his head. Before the lights went to blackness he remembered his mothers face with horror written on it screaming to let her son go.

Toto vaguely remembers the brutal attacks on his parents when arriving to Fort L’Affaire, the slave city, few days after arrival there. His parents tried to make an escape with him, but failed in the endeavor and were punished to death in front of his eyes and other slaves as an example to all.

As for Toto they let him to live in the humiliation, extra beatings and days without food. He felt as a plaything to the whims and entertainment of his masters. To add salt to the wounds he received, the other slaves treated him as though he was the plague and stayed distant from him. Anytime the other children tried to play with him the older ones rushed to stop them and scolded them to stay away.

As the weeks went by, all Toto ever thought about was escape and dreamed of getting revenge on those who had hurt him. Although he held no grudges to the other slaves, he grown to distrust them and keep his distance.

Then came a day, a man that called himself Lothadus, carrying strange hooks and promising him and some other children slaves the chance for escape. Although not trusting him or the others he knew in order to enact his revenge, escape was paramount. Hesitantly he joined this group and Lothadus. Three long weeks had passed when they finally arrived on foot to a city named Branston.

In those days after the escape Toto vaguely remembers there being another boy that was them who had disappeared some week or so past, but what happened to him Toto neither knows or cares all his thoughts where succumbed to the day he can drive a dagger in his hateful masters back, ending the torment that occurs in his dreams nightly…

Toto Opegah

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