Branston Tales

A friend is found at the theater!

I went there without anything playing. Truth be told I should have gone on Wednesday because that’s where they were going to play a puppet show of “Branston Tales” Whatever that is, Must be a tradition round here or something.

But there was a really good thing that happened today! I met a guy there named Devontius. Makes you wonder if that really is his name considering how uncommon it is but that was of no matter! Because he had a special thing that we had a lot of fun with. He had the keys to the prop room, He said he snatched it from a janitor of this place (Which I don’t really believe because of how dirty this place is)

We had so much fun! We pretended that we could do spells(Which i really could do)! Go on mighty adventures! Save the princess and then slay her because she was the VILLAIN ALL ALONG! Wooo what about that, I’m sure no one has ever thought of that twist.

Man if only that adventure was real. Welp time to go back to my friends and have a real adventure full of danger. But even more filled with glory! Yawn

(The next page shows a picture of Harvey and Devontius fighting with wooden swords. You can tell Devontius is winning the play battle)



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